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  • Photo Apps for your Android!

        Cameraphones have come a long way, but you have options beyond point, shoot, and pray to get a great shot. Our favorite photo-related apps for Android snap great shots, add quality effects, edit and share images, and otherwise improve your mobile-photo game. Thanks Lifehacker

  • Great iPhone Apps for Nikon shooters.

    I’m a dedicated Nikon shooter that is always looking to expand my knoledge base. Thanks to the iPhone, I’m able to carry with me some Apps that I have found to be great quick reference guides to everything Nikon. Enjoy.

  • Color Splash for iPhone

    This shot was taken with a Nikon D90, edited with my iPhone using the app “color splash”. It’s a very powerful app that puts the power of some Photoshop tool right in your pocket. Check it out!