• Enhance Your Camera and Photos This Weekend

    If you’re looking for a project this weekend, grab your camera. Here are a bunch of tips, tricks, hacks, and techniques to try out when shooting and editing your photos.  

  • Use an 18% Gray Card for Better Color Balance in Your Photos

    Thanks Lifehacker! If you’ve ever relied on your camera’s white balancing algorithms you know how imperfect they can be, but you’re not out of luck. Getting accurate color balance with just about any camera is pretty easy with an 18% gray card. A Gray Card for Staged Photos You might think it makes more sense …

  • Turn a Sheet of Paper into a Simple Flash Softbox

      If you’re looking to soften up your camera flash on the cheap—perhaps because you were startled to see how unflattering direct flash is—this clever softbox turns a sheet of office paper into a lightweight flash diffuser.  

  • How to Record Great Video with Your HD DSLR Camera [Video]

    How to Record Great Video with Your HD DSLR Camera [Video]: “ HD DSLRs are incredible—they give you a video camera with interchangeable lenses, depth of field control and stellar low-light performance—but theyre not without drawbacks. Heres how to work around them. More » (Via Lifehacker.)