• 75 Captured Candids [Photography]

    75 Captured Candids [Photography]: “ For this week’s Shooting Challenge, I asked you to capture moments without all the posing and preplanning. And I will say, every one of the results offers an interesting look into the life of another. More » (Via Gizmodo.)

  • Gizmodo Shooting Challenge: Self Portrait

      The Challenge Take a self-portrait—and that’s it—photograph yourself. The camera can be in the shot, or not. You can be in the foreground or background, a subject or a mere reflection. The way you capture the self-portrait is really the entire challenge, so I’m not telling you what to do with any more specificity. …

  • Gizmodo: Shooting Challenge – Shadows

    Shadows can be a boon or a hindrance to a photographer. Too much, and you lose your subject to darkness. But use them right, and you can beautifully play with the light/dark dichotomy. Read on for the rules…

  • Gizmodo: Monotone Challenge

    I love these little contests!